Secure your money, increase revenue by 30% or more and generate user data while enhancing the guest experience

Grow revenue with faster transactions
rising vendor transparency, accountability and tips, while minimizing cash handling

Reduce friction and anticipate revenue
enabling guests to preload, preorder and reserve with their mobile phones

Enjoy the speed of NFC chips
reducing wearables and reload stations activating phone-to-phone interactions for guests to transact in offline mode

Guarantee speed and security
without relying on internet connections that are innefective and expensive

Operate with full transparency
tracking staff, vendor and product performance with reports that greatly reduce square up time

Comply COVID-19 regulation
with touchless payments

A cashless® payment platform increasing revenue at cash handling operations with profit, simplicity and control




Mobile Preload with a credit card
mycashless auto-creates a personalized website with your logo and instructions for your guests


Online Refund
the mycashless website enables users to view their transactions and request a refund to any debit card within the defined dates range


Onsite Reload with cash or a credit card
these are your mini-bank stations onsite where money is seized for easier handling


data syncing every 20 minutes to track employee performance, products and categories with fast square up at the end of the event


Fast Purchases in offline mode
no internet - no problem, transactions flow at speed while you keep track of sales


import sales data to your inventory management system in batch or in real-time with our API


Onsite Refund
it's up to your event's format for reload stations to grant cash refunds with pre-defined limits


Kids control made easy through NFC bracelets that pair children with their parents at fast checkins for secure checkouts


Data syncing every 20 minutes for tracking staff, vendors and products performance simplifying the square up process with business and customer intelligence

Table Reserve

Control tables reservations and VIPs with passwords per inviting host and worldwide payment processing pampering your select guests with an open cashless account

Elevate the experience and increase revenue

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Transparent pricing
with quoting in less than 24 hours

4 weeks minimum timeline
to plan and execute successfuly

3x45 minute meetings with producer
prior to the event date

Intuitive software design to train staff
in less than 5 minutes

Checkout time reduced to 5 seconds
eliminating waiting lines

Get help anytime
from our team of experts
with online and onsite support

Increased revenue by 57% on average
at hundreds of events

A cashless® payments platform
for community creators

Earn money by connecting us with
the best promoters and operators