Reach more customers than ever before uniting customers, vendors and runners in your own private e-commerce domain decentralizing tasks and service for convenient pickup and home delivery

Setup a multi POS marketplace in a day uploading products, services and prices in your private e-commerce domain

Reduce work through decentralization enable customers, vendors and runners to simply interact online, onsite and at scale

Secure and grow your revenue optimizing the payment workflow with automated payments and payouts saving time while your business grows

Enable time slot reservations for service delivery at any location or with the online video chat for a session

Easily onboard partners to sell within your private marketplace accepting the rules and using the tools

Monetize the value of digitizing operations and home delivery with auto-auditing and security

A cashless® payment platform increasing revenue at cash handling operations with profit, simplicity and control




Online Preordering
mycashless auto-updates a personalized website with your vendor's products, services and prices for users to preorder and pay


vendors agree to the marketplace rules in order to use the tools, being cashback a great tax for vendors to incentivize retention and frequency


Onsite Pickup
users can come by any of your vendors and let them know when they've arrived for pickup


Security and Chargebacks
mycashless uses security features like ID upload and selfie photo validation to reduce chargeback losses by 90%, creating a secure environment


Nearby Delivery
users can select to get home delivery and see the ETA of their runner in charge, tipping nicely


Payments and Payouts
every role saves time on each transaction by being paid directly to the bank account on file


Video and Text Chat
users can select to get an online experience by selecting a date and time. Similarily, runners can contact users to suggest order edits


Simple mobile e-commerce processing payments & payouts connecting with nearby delivery.


Access control made fast
connecting guests with real world experiences through accountable hosts


Track revenue, employee performance,
products sold per location and traffic sources simplifying visibility with business and customer intelligence

Elevate the experience and increase revenue

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Transparent pricing
with quoting in less than 24 hours

4 weeks minimum timeline
to plan and execute successfuly

3x45 minute meetings with producer
prior to the event date

Intuitive software design to train staff
in less than 5 minutes

Checkout time reduced to 5 seconds
eliminating waiting lines

Get help anytime
from our team of experts
with online and onsite support

A cashless® payments platform
for community creators

Earn money by connecting us with
the best promoters and operators

Deliver the goodies
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Give to the community
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